We are grateful that you have hosted a School of Media Arts and Design intern. Hands-on experience is so valuable for our students' success.

A large part of the student's grade for this internship comes from this evaluation. Please be honest in your assessment. This evaluation is confidential unless you select the option for it to be shared with the student. In general, the School of Media Arts and Design views the letter grade for an intern's work performances as follows:

C - arrives on time and performs duties as directed; shows no initiative to do more than specifically directed, and work is of average quality.

B- "C" level work plus either initiative to do and earn more than just assigned work, or higher quality of work (craftsmanship or creativity).

A- "B" level work plus work extra initiative and superior work quality.

Factors such as repeated lateness or absence from work, late and below average work on assignments, and other unprofessional attitudes or actions would justify a D or F.

If you have any questions, please contact Brad Jenkins, SMAD's internship coordinator, at jenkinbd@jmu.edu.
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